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Brookfield boss in London town sparking takeover talk, reports The Times

Monday, 7 September 2020, 7:50 pm

Tucked away on page 2 of The Times business section is a great little jackanory that caught Betaville's eye.

Ben Martin, a former colleague from our time on The Daily Telegraph business section, reveals Bruce Flatt, the boss of Brookfield, has flown to London to meet up with his European head of private equity, Ralf Rank. Below is a link to Ben Martin's scoopette:..


Canary Wharf owner pounces on British Land with 7pc shareholding - Part 2

Saturday, 30 May 2020, 8:35 am

One of Betaville's favourite City writers offered an interesting view on Brookfield's surprise 7pc stakebuild in FTSE 100-listed British Land: "Acerbic" Alistair Osborne, a former Telegraph colleague and chief business commentator at The Times.

So, I have pasted a link to Alistair's piece below should you have a few spare minutes to catch up on the news this weekend:..