Muddy Waters mauls bid target NMC Health - Part 4

Monday, 23 December 2019, 12:52 pm

The vicious spat between notorious short seller Muddy Waters and FTSE 100-listed healthcare group NMC Health continues unabated.

This morning Carson Block's outfit pinged financial hacks with a fresh note. It starts off by saying:

"Muddy Waters Capital LLC believes that NMC Health’s response to our December 17, 2019 report was misleading, and outright false in certain portions. MW expects to comment more comprehensively on NMC going forward..."

There is plenty more from Muddy Waters in its latest missive but Betaville would like to avoid receiving a legal letter from NMC Health's lawyers so will refrain from pasting the rest below. (I'm not the Financial Times, yet, so can't afford to get every single piece of copy legalled by expensive external counsel).

Meanwhile, NMC Health has chucked out another lengethy announcement this morning. Below is the link but the main thrust of it is that the independent non-executive directors, which Muddy Waters has alleged aren't really that independent, are going to over oversee an "independent" third-party review, undertaken by a leading accounting firm, to review the assertions made by certain third parties.

NMC Health's shares are up 35pc as of lunchtime, so somebody is buying into the NMC Health response or perhaps shorts are taking their profits after seeing the share price collapse over the last few days?

Who knows ... but at least NMC Health's PR advisers at FTI Consulting have avoided publicly slandering hard working hacks at the Financial Times a second time around (on this particular story). ..

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