Muddy Waters mauls bid target NMC Health - Part 2

Friday, 20 December 2019, 6:51 pm

Tucked away in the Evening Standard's City section is a suggestion that Carson Block's next target in 2020 might be FTSE 100-listed Rolls Royce.

Now, to be clear I have no clue who Muddy Waters plans to target next but the short seller does appear to be having a bit of field day with UK-listed stocks, such as NMC Health and Burford Capital.

Having a go, though, at Rolls Royce, one of Britain's largest engineering groups, would really up the ante for the short seller.

Let's not take the Rolls Royce suggestion too seriously for the moment as it was just a diary item quoting a few opinions from mischevious traders.

Still, I note it because the City Spy in the Evening Standard is one of the best business diary column's on Fleet Street and written by some well worn hacks who know a thing or two.

Talking about well worn hacks, you would have thought the experienced flaks (and former senior journalists) at FTI Consulting, who are getting paid big bucks for NMC Health, would have better things to do then besmirch journalists at the venerable Financial Times. See below:

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But FTI Consulting, the financial public relations firm, seems to have wound them up good and proper - just have a look at Tom Braithwaite's Twitter feed. Braitwaite, the Companies Editor at the Financial Times, tweets:

Another appalling statement put out this morning by @FTIConsulting attacking the integrity of our journalism. Astonishing from a global PR firm representing a FTSE 100 company.


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