Is the tide turning for Odey the Brexiteer? - part 15

Has Crispin Odey stopped publishing a monthly letter to investors?

The old buffer's monthly report containing (terrible?) performance and his predictions of doom would normally have leaked into the media by now but it would appear nobody can get hold of the hedge fund manager's latest mutterings.

ValueWalk attempted to the other day - - although it wasn't clear whether the blog managed to ascertain the full written report for the flagship Odey European Fund, which is directly run by the charming Crispin.

I guess two years of terrible performance - last year the Odey European Fund was down almost 50pc - being aired in the media via leaked investor letters might have persuaded Odey not to brief investors every month about potential financial amargeddon.

Still, at least I can rely on HSBC to provide Odey's year to date performance. Ironically, the bank's monthly hedge fund league table shows that the Odey European Fund is actually up 1.59pc in the period between New Year and February 17, 2017 despite stock markets surging higher.

So, perhaps the tide really is now turning for one of the City's most vocal Brexiteers? Or maybe Mr Odey has finally capitulated on his uber bearish view? I'm sure the market will find out soon enough.....

Date: Monday, 6 March 2017, 6:14 pm

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