Chinese still circling...part 2

There is more evidence in the The Times and the Financial Times this morning that my piece - - from earlier this week was/is bang on the money.

Indeed, the picture story on the front page of the excellent The Times business section is about how a Chinese company (called Shandong Ruyi Group) is in talks to purchase Acquascutum, the luxury maker of British raincoats, for $120 million.

The venerable Financial Times also carries the story that effectively confirms my scoop in The Sunday Times this summer about how the billionaire Reuben Brothers were in negotiations to sell a stake in their data centre business, Global Switch, to a group of Chinese investors. Here are links to my original tale and today's FT piece:

So, as I said earlier in the week, Chinese buyers are still very keen to buy the right British and European businesses. And those investors fretting about what has happened to the Chinese-led consortium that was/is circling Fingerprint Cards, the Nordic biometric technology company, might want to look at today's FT piece on the Global Switch deal and the way the Chinese consortium was structured to purchase the business.....

Date: Thursday, 22 December 2016, 10:26 am

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