Back on Tip TV talking about William Hill, Entertainment One and Illumina

Monday, 15 August 2016, 4:40 pm

The lads and ladettes over at FT Alphaville may have knocked off for the week but little old Betaville continues unabated. So, here is a link to today's Tip TV session.

Apologies about the guffawing at the beginning and end of the show. I just found it amazing that cheeky Zak Mir managed to get my job titles right for the first time ever - it's only taken him two years!


[Disclaimer - the information on Betaville does not consitute any form of investment recommendation and is not intended to be relied upon by readers in making, or refraining from, any investment decisions].


  • Diego5 years ago

    You are wrong, the bidder is Thermo Fisher!

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