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UNCOOKED ALERT: THG said to ... - Part 3

Monday, 3 January 2022, 1:52 pm

It would appear there is an interesting game of poker being played by THG's controversial management and stock market bears, with the latter willing to call the former's bluff.

In case you missed it over the weekend, my old chum Neil "Neily" Craven had a tale on the front page of the Mail on Sunday's business section about how short sellers had increased their bets against the company in recent days. Below is a link to Neily's splash story: ​​​​​​

Indeed, Neil reports that: "by last Wednesday, the number of short positions had doubled in just 16 days to 4 per cent of the stock, according to data from research firm IHS Markit" and that "company insiders said it rose as high as 5.7 per cent last week".

That comes after Matt Moulding's cryptic comments in early November about potentially taking the company private and an Uncooked Alert from little old Betaville in early December about fresh takeover speculation surrounding the company.

So, Betaville is looking forward to the "flop" when we get find it out who has the winning hand.....

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